Waltham Lock And Locksmith Commercial Locksmith Near Me Waltham, MA


We know how much you value your commercial premises. After all, it’s the lifeline of your business; the place where your employees work, the place where you strike important deals and store valuable files, documents and other assets. Security breaches can have a grim aftermath. Your trade secrets might fall into the hands of your competitors, your reputation might take a hit and eventually you’ll start to lose out. This is why; you always need to a commercial locksmith near you , who can address business lock & key concerns swiftly, as and when they arise.

Why do I need a commercial locksmith near me?

Assume that you’ve lost the keys to a cabinet and all your contracts are locked in it. With an hour to go for the client meet up and all attempts at finding the key proving futile, what do you do? Can you wait for a locksmith on the other end of the town to reach you? The transit itself might take an hour and you might also have to pay up a huge convenience fee to the technician. Availing services from someone in close proximity to your location will save you a lot of time, money and in this case, a business deal.

How to choose the right men for the job?


Entrusting your most essential security components – locks & keys – to someone you barely know may have serious repercussions. It’s better to hire someone from a reputed firm.


You might need assistance at any time, and if you factor in the urgency of the situation, then availability gains prominence. A 24*7 locksmith is a good choice.

Local network:

You might be located, just about anywhere in Waltham, MA. You need someone that’s based locally, has a network of workshops in the region and can get to you super quick.

Choose Waltham Lock And Locksmith:

We tick all above mentioned pointers and are the commercial locksmiths near you. We can arrive onsite super quick, within 15-20 minutes, in most cases. Thanks to a novel approach to lending locksmith service, we believe in always being mobile i.e. our vans are always on-the-go and as soon as you make that call, the nearest van will be directed towards your location.

A wide array of offerings:

  •  Waltham Lock And Locksmith Waltham, MA 781-519-7233Business security advice
  • Lockout assistance
  • All types of key making
  • Lock installations/repair/maintenance
  • Conducting security audits
  • Master key solutions
  • High-security lock installation
  • Door installation/repair

Whatever your need, you’ve only got to name it; our technicians can handle it for you! So, no more wishing for a ‘commercial locksmith near me ’, when you’ve got Waltham Lock And Locksmith!